Aston Inox?

With high quality and fast production of both: individual solution as well as large series, we successfully fulfill all the requirements of our partners. Our 15 years of experience machining stainless steel in Germany and a further 10 years in Croatia are the guarantiee of the highest qulity.

Cooperation with European associations facilitates our insight into the latest methods of the work with stainless steel and continous improvement of all our employees from the master to the youngest worker.

Used stainless steel is of the highest quality coming from the EU.

Prices are affordable with a perfect ratio quality/price, and the experience and tradition are recognizable in every detail!

Stainless steel products and components are generally resistant to corrosion and very durable.

Weakness in connection with stainless steel and other metals are found at the welding points. While stainless steel is welded it changes its properties and partly loses its resistance to corrosion. In most cases, mechanical treatment (grinding) removes the layer of stainless steel that has changed the properties.

Before mechanical treatment, we at Aston Inox, the place of welds treat with electro-chemical "therapy" in order to have a stainless steel back its original properties and resistance.

Only after that stainless steelis treated with mechanical treatment and it gets attractive appearance. Thus prepared elements and stainless steel products last, at least as long as the object on which are mounted, even longer...